Aero Trader B-25 Projects

N3155G: Scholl's original airplane purchased in 1976. Now operated by Tim Savage and flown with 38th Bomb Group "Green Dragons" paint scheme.

N7674: Purchased by Scholl and Ritzman from Bob Sturges in 1978. After later sale, reportedly crashed in Colombia.

N9856C: Ted Itano purchased ex-Catch 22 B-25 in 1971 and, years later, Aero Trader worked out an agreement to maintain the B-25 in return for flight privileges. Purchased by Carl Scholl, Tony Ritzman and Bruce Graham in 2005. Still flies as Pacific Princess.

N5548N: Only flying B-25H cannon nose in existence, prepped by Aero Trader for ferry flight to Springfield, IL for restoration after years of inactivity in Chicago area. Later moved to Rockford, IL and restored by the Weary Warriors Squadron. Now flies as Barbie III.   

N3442G: Derelict B-25J purchased by Joe Davis when located in Papillion, NB. Prepped for ferry flight to California after 23 years of inactivity. Later sold and now in storage at Rialto, CA.  

N10564: Ex-Catch 22 aircraft last operated by John Marshall of Ocala, FL. Extensive restoration work and interior equipment installation performed by Aero Trader in Florida. Flown as Carol Jean. Now on display at the National Air and Space Museum annex at BWI airport.

N3438G: Recovered in a semi-derelict condition from Turlock, California, and later sold to Wiley Sanders. Sold to Hans Lauridsen and on display at AZ CAF hangar in Mesa, AZ. Flies as Old Grey Mare.

N8195H: Initial mechanical work was completed for Mike Pupich at Borrego Springs to get this B-25J re-licensed. Now flies as Heavenly Body.

N2825B: The oldest known B-25 in existence (Ship number 4). Aero Trader has done substantial work on this B-25 for several owners, including the addition of a glass nose, reworked fuel system, and cockpit work. Owned by Jeff Clyman. Now flies as Miss Hap.

N898BW: Airframe obtained from the Coffield estate in 1983 and stored at Borrego Springs until purchased by Binary Warriors. Basic restoration by Tom Reilly with selected work by Aero Trader. Owned by Tri-State Warbird Museum in Batavia, OH. Now flies as Axis Nightmare.

N88972: Mechanical and restorative work including new engines, props, interior finishing, glass, and turret done for Steven Grey's Fighter Collection in Duxford, England. Sold to Flying Heritage Collection and in storage in the UK.

N201L: Maintenance and restoration work done by Aero Trader. Sold to Ted Melsheimer of Carson City, NV. Now flies as Tootsie.

N7687C: Pride and joy of Aero Trader's efforts, this 81 mission combat veteran B-25 was completed for the Cavanaugh Air Museum and ultimately won the Warbird Grand Champion award at Oshkosh in 1995. Now flies as How Boot That?!

N5672V: Former Bendix Aviation Test aircraft, ex-Canadian air tanker, extensive authentic restoration completed for C&P Aviation in Blaine, MN. Now flies as Betty's Dream.  

N25NA: Ferried from Rockford, IL to Chino for owner Jim Morgan of Salem, OR. Extensive maintenance including one engine change and returned to airworthy condition. Now flies as Super Rabbit

N345BG: Re-licensed and returned to airworthy status for Dave Wheaton of Sand Springs, OK. Now flies as Martha Jean.

N1943J: Extensive authentic restoration completed for Kermit Weeks, located at Kermit's "Fantasy Of Flight" attraction in Polk City, FL. Now flies as Apache Princess.

: Extensive Maintenance work accomplished including engine repairs and wing pull for Collings Foundation. Now flies as Tondelayo.

Other Aero Trader Projects

N100CV: F4U-5 Corsair, restored to airworthy condition for Glen Hyde of Roanoke, TX. Judged Best Navy Fighter at Oshkosh 1987. Now with USMC Air and Ground Museum.

N878M: Hawker MK 11 Sea Fury, assembled for Jim Mott from pieces and modified with a Bristol Centarus 175 Transport engine for air racing.

N4367L: Folland GNAT T, fully restored and upgraded to American instruments and avionics for Glen Hyde and DAC International. Included functional ejection seats.

N281L: Hawker MK T20 Sea Fury, fully restored with original Centarus MK 18 engine and Rotol 5 blade prop. Major avionics and instrumentation upgrades including S-Tec 50 autopilot. 

N4601U: Antonov AN-2, imported from China in a container for Kermit Weeks. Fully reassembled and licensed. Now located at Fantasy of Flight in Polk City, FL.

N140AG: North American T-28C, restored to original configuration for Al Grant of Reno, NV. Judged Best T-28 at Oshkosh 1991.

N83AW: North American T-28B, restored to original configuration for Boyce Thelen of Lincoln, CA. Extensive avionics and equipment upgrades including S-Tec 50 autopilot.  

N4297J: Martin B-26 Marauder, last flying example of infamous WWII medium bomber, restored to airworthy condition for Kermit Weeks. Now located at Fantasy of Flight in Polk City, FL.

: Douglas A-26C, restored to original bomber configuration from executive transport for Richard Nivo of Holland. Judged Best Bomber at Oshkosh 1998, then flown to Holland via Canada and Iceland.